In each class , we perform sessions of stretching to increase flexibility. Stretching prevents injury and helps with recovery.
Every muscle group is used during our classes. Moreover , capoeira offers an excellent cardiovascular workout.
Left-handed or right-handed the capoeirist learns to use his arms and legs on both sides , which develops an excellent coordination useful in the roda and in everyday life.
Welcome to our website!

Welcome to the site of the Centro cultural Ubuntu Capoeira Montreal! People of all ages, social classes and all levels are welcome and encouraged to participate in our classes.Everyone can take advantage of the benefits of this Afro Brazilian martial art , physically and psychologically!

Group spirit
Classes conducted in good group spirit and a welcoming atmosphere in which each individual's rhythm is respected. Group spirit is vital to social integration.
No matter one's age, social class or ethnicity, each capoeirist is valued in his practice which is an exelent driving force in gaining self-assurance and confidence.
Capoeira is more than a sport , it is a philosophy and a way of life that the capoerist uses to mold his personality. Personal development allows self-fulfillment and increases self-esteem.
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